Not to mention, she’s one of the only actresses willing to thoroughly kiss her co-stars onscreen. Now there’s a couple who I think really had it going on behind the scenes.Kim Sun-ah and Cha Seung-won pretty much burned off the screen from my laptop with how much chemistry they had in City Hall.Unfortunately, Cha Seung-won is married with kids, but it doesn’t hurt to imagine.

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I loathe to bring this last one up since I think the drama is ridiculous, but Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin in had an almost tangible onscreen chemistry. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some secret rendezvous going on between them. And especially because the dating-in-real-life stories are so rampant these days, I wouldn’t mind those two going out.

Isn’t Hyun Bin always rumored to be dating co-stars? Moon Chae-won and Moon Geun-young are both actresses that have insane chemistry with their co-stars, no matter how random you think the pairings are, which I think speaks volumes about their acting.

I don’t suspect any of them are dating their costars, but I can always count on them to put on performances with extremely believable romances in dramas.

(Choi Jin-hyuk & Son Eun-seo) — to go by, who is to say there haven’t been other on-screen couples in the past and present that similarly developed feelings for each other while filming?

This week, we asked our writers: Barring the above examples (which have already made their way into the public eye), which K-drama couples do you suspect had the greatest chemistry on-screen… had a lot of chemistry going on, and I know the four in the main love quadrangle developed some pretty close camaraderie during their time filming.

Last but not least, Yoon Eun-hye seems to have a ton of chemistry with almost any male lead thrown at her, but if I had to choose one, Gong Yoo all the way.

I lost track of how many kissing scenes there were in Coffee Prince, but it’s undeniable the chemistry was there.

: Fannie, I totally agree on the Yoon Eun-hye thing.

That girl can seriously have chemistry with a rock.

I haven’t found a drama of hers that I love, but I can’t deny she sets off the sparks.

Her onscreen chemistry with Gong Yoo in is something I’m hard pressed to find again in K-dramas.